The Fabarm Elos N2 AllSport

By Ralph Stuart

Now that you have introduced that lucky someone to shooting (you have introduced someone to shooting, right . . ?), it’s time for that person to stop borrowing an ill-fitting gun and start shooting something of his or her own. If that new shooter is a young person or a woman, he or she likely is going to need a gun with smaller stock dimensions, adjustability and a price that isn’t going to break the bank. Enter the Fabarm Elos N2 AllSport—a versatile target gun designed specifically for high school and collegiate competitors as well as smaller adults. We took an AllSport to the range to see what rookie clay crushers are getting.

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The Fabarm Elos N2 AllSport

At the range, the Elos N2 AllSport was a clay-busting machine. The shorter LOP and reduced grip worked well for my shorter arms and smaller hands, and I was able to swing the gun well and acquire targets quickly. Burning through everything from heavy target loads to low-noise, low-recoil loads, the AllSport performed with nary a hiccup. Its weight of 7 pounds 12 ounces (on our digital scale) was enough to absorb recoil but easy to shoulder and carry. For shooters new to the sport who want a gun that not only is comfortable but also offers the versatility to shoot different disciplines, the Elos N2 AllSport would be just the ticket. Price (complete with Negrini take-down case and five-year warranty): $3,125. (A left-hand stock is a $155 upcharge.) For more information, contact Fabarm USA,

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