Leen’s Lodge

Leen's Lodge Grand Lake Stream

Five Things to Do at Leen's Lodge

There’s nothing quite like an October bird hunt in eastern Maine. Leen’s Lodge is a mecca for ruffed grouse and woodcock hunters from all over the world.

Leen's Lodge Maine

Wingshooting in Maine

Wingshooting in Maine Prime upland hunting with lakeside accommodations and spectacular fall colors. Sitting on the shore of Maine’s pristine West Grand Lake, this...

Leen’s Lodge

The Great American Grouse Trip

The state of Maine is one of the world’s top ruffed grouse destinations, and Leen’s Lodge hosts dozens of upland bird hunters every fall.

Leen's Lodge

Leen's Lodge FAQs

The Shooting Sportsman Endorsed Lodge Program continues its "behind the scenes" series with Leen's Lodge, in eastern Maine. Owner Scott Weeks was happy to answer a few questions about the lodge.

Grouse Hunting at Leen's Lodge in Maine

A Unique Upland Hunt in Maine

When it comes to upland hunting, few pursuits are as steeped in tradition as grouse and woodcock hunting in the North Woods of Maine.