Behind the Scenes at SouthWind Plantation

Shooting Sportsman Magazine Endorsed Lodge SouthWind Plantation

Plantation Manager Joseph Sunday was happy to answer a few questions about the lodge….

SSM: How long have you been at SouthWind Plantation, and what compelled you to get involved with the lodge?

Joseph Sunday: I have been with SouthWind for 15 years. I was compelled to get involved with the lodge because of the people, the enjoyment from seeing young boys become men, and carrying on our hunting tradition.

SSM: Describe a typical day of hunting at SouthWind Plantation.

JS: We serve a full breakfast at 8 AM, and then head out at 9 for the morning hunt, which lasts until about noon. Lunch is served shortly afterward followed by an hour or so of rest and relaxation. At about 2 PM we load up and hit the field for the afternoon hunt. When that is over, guests can look forward to cocktails, appetizers and dinner in the luxury and comfort of our lodge. We also have clay target shooting and fishing available on the premises, and guests are welcome to partake in those during their spare time.

SSM: What aspects of your operation seem to impress guests the most?

JS: Guests really like the natural beauty of our longleaf-pine habitat and the regal bobwhite quail that live there. Quail are one of America’s favorite gamebirds, and we pride ourselves on having one of the best places to hunt them. Last but not least, just about everyone loves watching highly trained pointing dogs in action, which is something they get to experience on each and every hunt.

SSM: What is your favorite item on the dinner menu?

JS: A lot of wonderful dishes come out of our kitchen, but my vote goes to the prime rib.

SSM: What part of the job do you find the most gratifying?

JS: Seeing all of the work and resources that we apply to making SouthWind a top destination pay off in the form of extremely satisfied customers.

SSM: What has you the most excited about the coming season?

JS: We have completed the cleanup from Hurricane Michael and are very fortunate to still have longleaf pines and wiregrass for our guests to explore. We also have added 1,100 acres of land that will allow hunters to experience the tradition of SouthWind in a bigger way.

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