To the Point

to the point sketch

To the Point: Cans Are Back!

Last December I blew my chance to kill a canvasback by not swinging through on the single volunteer that flashed past our decoy spread...

sketch of hunter and dog

To the Point: Pacing

Fossilized human footprints discovered inside bigger animal prints in what is now New Mexico suggest a hunter was tracking a giant sloth some 23,000...

drawing of hunters in the field

Safety First

When accidents happen, it’s usually carelessness—not ignorance—that is the cause.

drawing of dog and bird

The Second Hunting Season

A second woodcock hunting season in Michigan observes no opening or closing dates. No license is required, nor are there bag limits. Guns stay...

drawing of birds

Rib Eye of The Sky

We hear their raspy cries, like rusted iron gates forced open, long before we see them. Inside our home in southern Michigan, the doors...

November Motion & Mood | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

November Motion & Mood

Impatience is why deer hunting and ice-fishing will never make my personal “Top Five” of outdoor pursuits. So why does waterfowl hunting, also a...

Sweet 16 | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Sweet 16

An unexpected pleasure of hunting with a youngster is how time rewinds itself

Game (Not) Over | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Game (Not) Over

During an uneventful afternoon of waterfowl hunting, why shiver another hour when I know the last flock will come in as the decoys are being gathered?

Land-Lease Conundrum | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

The Land-Lease Conundrum

What happened to me has probably happened to you, especially if you also live east of the Mississippi.