Brays Island Plantation Upland Hunt

Living High in the Lowcountry

The idyllic Lowcountry region is home to Brays Islands Plantation. Discover the incredible activities and amenities surrounding this sportsman's paradise.

Clay-Breaking Gear | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Clay-Breaking Gear

Celebrate the end of a long winter indoors by heading to the range with some of the latest clay-breaking gear.

Must-Have Gun Books

A library full of titles has educated the author about guns and gunmaking and would serve well those who thirst for knowledge on the subjects.

On Naming a Bird Dog

On Naming a Bird Dog

About the dimensions of an index card, with a pumpkin-hued cover and 20 textured, cream-colored pages, this book has the feel of something handmade.

Pheasant Dogs

Pheasant Dogs

Keith R. Crowley’s celebration of the canine partners whose presence adds drama and meaning to the upland experience.

Edmonton, Alberta

The Opener

It was a late-October morning in a harvested barley field near Edmonton, Alberta. Several flocks of ducks had swarmed the spread early.