Gun Reviews

Merkel 40E

Merkel 40E

Built on the same action and barrels as more-expensive guns, the 40E requires less handwork in its engraving
and stocking.

Salvinelli EXL Sporting

The EXL Sporting was very nice to shoot. It definitely had that racy Italian feel. I really enjoyed shooting this gun. It required no technique changes and was equally at home with swing-through or sustained-lead methods.

Caesar Guerini Ellipse EVO

Gun Review: Caesar Guerini Ellipse EVO By Bruce Buck This is my third Caesar Guerini review in the past seven years. That’s a lot,…

Krieghoff K-80 Parcours

Gun Review BRUCE BUCK If you shoot clay targets in the US, you’ve certainly seen Krieghoff K-80s in action. These are popular guns in…