RGS Grouse Camp Tour 2017

We're passing along a nice video from our neck of the woods here in the Northeast, where sometimes in February it's nice to recall the sounds and smells of October.

From the original post from the Ruffed Grouse Society:

Take a work break this week and watch this 15 minutes of stories told among overgrown orchards hidden beyond rock walls of old New York and New England . . . RGS members who understand our traditions and the need to create healthy forests for our future . . #ruffedgrousesociety#grousecamptour 

Sponsored by SportDOG Brand
Video by Project Upland

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  • Beautiful video with really poor mix of voice and background music – waaaaay too much music. Couldn’t get much of the voice. Fix it.

    • We understand your criticism, but it is a video we shared and did not create. Therefore we cannot “fix it.”

  • Richard Lestage is right on the mark. Great video but I also could not understand much of what was said. It should not be a big deal to remix this and turn down the music soundtrack. Whoever produced this, should be willing to do it for free. As it is, much of it’s impact is lost!

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