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Quail hunting in Georgia is immensely popular for a variety of reasons, but above all, hunters travel to the Peachtree State for the quality of the hunting. Every year thousands of wingshooters check in to Georgia’s best quail lodges fully amped to get after America’s top gamebird over expertly trained bird dogs. That’s certainly something to get excited about, considering that the chances for phenomenal hunting at a high-quality lodge are as high as they come in the world of wingshooting.

Every quail season, Fishing Creek Farms, in Union Point, receives an influx of guests coming to enjoy the consistently great quail hunting the lodge offers. Each day guests return from the field blissfully satisfied with the number of birds and the impeccable dog work they’ve experienced. They’ve gotten what they came for and are happy to unwind a little, have an excellent meal and do it again the next day. However, the folks at Fishing Creek have found ways to make a great day even better. According to Lodge Manager Tyla Kuhn: “The vast majority of our guests expect awesome hunting and accommodations when they come here, and we are always able to deliver. But we like to point out some of the other things that can make their stay with us extra special.” When asked for examples, Kuhn cited the following.

The Lake Club

The Lake Club is a beautiful stone patio with a fire pit, outdoor grill and furniture that sits near the lodge’s largest lake. There’s no better place to enjoy a drink, a cigar and the sunset before heading to the lodge for a gourmet dinner. 

Bass Fishing

Fishing Creek’s property includes three private ponds that are managed to provide excellent fishing for largemouth bass and several other species. Some of the fish are of trophy quality, making it worthwhile to grab a rod and take a few casts. Fishing Creek does not sell fishing trips, meaning that visiting hunters have what equates to exclusive access to this activity. 

Outdoor Pavilion Dinner

The lodge’s outdoor pavilion is an absolute treasure. This tastefully furnished and decorated space allows for open air dining. Guests can visit to enjoy appetizers and television viewing beside the plunge pool or, because the space includes an elegant dining area, they can arrange to have their evening meal in this quaint setting.

Clay Targets

Like everything else, Fishing Creek’s 5 Stand facility is first rate. In addition to being readily available to guests, it also serves as a venue for Orvis Endorsed Shooting Schools. The 5 Stand setup ensures all-weather shooting coverage with no shortage of fun and challenging targets.

In addition to the items above, visitors can enjoy a plunge pool, pro shop and fitness room.

“Nothing we offer is going to outshine the actual hunt itself,” Kuhn said. “And after a day of fast-paced quail shooting, you can’t blame a fully sated hunter for wanting to just sit back and relax. But if anyone is looking to get more out of their stay, we’ve totally got that covered!”

Fishing Creek Farms is a full-service Shooting Sportsman Endorsed Lodge. For more info on Fishing Creek Farms, call 541-678-3551 or email info@fishingcreekfarms.com.

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