Left: Robin Brown removes a packed pot from the kiln and heads for the cold-water quench. Right: an action body freshly imbued with color and a hardened surface.

Color Case Hardening

Finishing is a defining element of fine British gunmaking: a dash of scroll on the locks, the deep luster of an oil-rubbed stock and the rich blacking of the barrels. But perhaps even more significant is the color case hardening, which is the icing on the cake and serves to both protect and provide a splash of color where none otherwise would exist.

Pine Hill Plantation

Pine Hill Plantation Trip

Shooting Sportsman’s Readers and Writers Adventures will be kicking off the year 2021 with a visit to reader favorite Pine Hill Plantation, in Donalsonville, Georgia, from February 18 to 22.

Buchan’s New Firelock

Buchan’s New Firelock

If you associate Scottish gunmaking with trim round-actions, you are not alone. However, for those who champion a broader view of Caledonian firearms, there is Buchan Guns, which offers both an Italian-style triggerplate over/under and a London-style sidelock designed, built and finished in Scotland.

Skeet Skills

Sharpening Skeet Skills

It’s hard to believe that a clay-shooting game that is now enjoyed around the world and has achieved the high bar of any sport—a place at the Olympic Games—was invented by a couple of grouse hunters in Massachusetts.

Bosis Releases the Wild 28

Bosis Releases the Wild 28

The new 28-bore Bosis furthers Italy’s reputation for creating guns that combine harmonious loveliness with unfailing mechanical engineering.