Five Things ‘Firesteelers’ Get to Do

Firesteel Creek Lodge

The quarter-million acres that make up South Dakota’s Firesteel Creek Lodge property are home to a seemingly infinite number of pheasants, sharp-tailed grouse and Hungarian partridge. Needless to say, the hunts on this spread are nothing short of epic. But the extent to which one can enjoy his or her visit extends well beyond the bagging of birds in this vast, wild country. Here’s a rundown of just a few of the things “Firesteelers” can look forward to.

Firesteel Creek Lodge

Learn About Big-League Ranching

Firesteel Creek is undoubtedly one of the largest and best-run bird hunting lodges in the US. As big and successful as it is, however, it’s dwarfed by the cattle, crop, farm-equipment and real-estate operations run by the family that owns the ranch: the Lindskovs. It’s no stretch to say that the Lindskovs’ ranching concern is one the largest and most diversified in South Dakota. What it takes to run a setup of such magnitude is downright fascinating. There is a treasure trove of interesting facts associated with the bull breeding, small-grain farming and cattle sales (which are attended by buyers from around the globe) that take place on the ranch, and all it takes to unlock it are a few questions!

Tack on a Side Trip

Within three or four hours of the lodge are Devils Tower National Monument, Mount Rushmore National Memorial, the Black Hills and Badlands National Park. Most people don’t make it to South Dakota often, so you might as well work an extra day or two into your schedule to visit these iconic places (either before or after your hunt) while you’re in the neighborhood.

Make It a Gazebo Night

With a bar, billiards table, stone fireplace and big-screen TV, the lodge’s lounge is the most popular post-hunt hangout on the premises. Not to be overlooked, however, is the gazebo that sits on the back patio. It is heated, has a card table and has a quaint speakeasy vibe. It’s an awesome place for sipping adult beverages, smoking cigars and bonding with fellow hunters. Check it out, and discover why many Firesteel guests consider “Gazebo Nights” some of the highlights of their visit.

Partake in the Great Bar Selection

No one will blame you for assuming that South Dakota isn’t the place to find world-famous spirits. Well, let's just say that happy hour at Firesteel will get a lot happier when you see what kind of bourbons and single-malt Scotches sit on the bar’s top shelf. It’s rare that a guest doesn’t spot his or her favorite amidst the selection.

Firesteel Creek Lodge

Get Marcia’s Pheasant Recipe

It happens all the time at hunting lodges: Guests are so impressed with something delectable from the lodge kitchen that they practically refuse to go home until the chef divulges the recipe. This happens to guests time and again at Firesteel once they are served Marcia Lindskov’s incredible baked-pheasant dish. They don’t need to coax or cajole Marcia for the recipe, however. It is requested so often that she keeps a stack of printouts that she can grab easily and hand to anyone who asks.

Firesteel Creek Lodge is a full-service Shooting Sportsman Endorsed Lodge. To learn more or make a reservation, call 605-850-3887, email or visit

Photo of Devils Tower National Monument by Amaury Michaux. Lodge photographs courtesy of Firesteel Creek Lodge.

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