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New Trailer  

Greg T.
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 Hi everybody, it’s been a while.


Hi everybody, it’s been a while.


I’ve been rearranging my hunting rigs, and making some changes, and as the season approaches I thought I would share the newest one here.


I bought a 2021 Winnebago 2108TB camping trailer.

It’s medium sized, but it’s 3+ seasons, and double axle, sits high, has a nice interior with twin beds.

Solar panels, deep cycle batteries, big furnace, now I just need to outfit it with some stuff.

I thought I would ask the brain trust here for some suggestions on places to go this year with all the fires and what not, and must haves for in the trailer.


Tucson is Definitely on the agenda for January


"Chemists make good solutions" 🙂

Topic starter Posted : August 11, 2021 10:26 am
Dave B - L.C. Smith Man
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Greg T,


   How about some pictures of your new rig!

If you are on the eastern part of the USA, Potter County, Pa this past season had great Grouse hunting.  If you are out west, AZ still has great Mearns Quail hunting!  Montana has had some great Pheasant hunting lately.

all the best,

Dave B - l.C. Smith Man

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